Just Wriiiiiiting in the Rain


It’s raining here in North Alabama, a heavy summer rain. Now it will cool down a bit. I love the rain. Things I love to do when it rains: Well, a few of the wonderful things I love to do: write, read, stare, listen. Ah, listen.

Rain gives us a great deal to listen to. The tempo, the tone, the sound in the trees, the drips down the drain pipes.  Uh, oh. Here’s Cody…my Black Lab. He’s come out to sit by my chair here on the back screen porch. He’s looking out at the rain.

Rain as an image in writing intrigues me. Take the following line: “Outside it was pouring down rain.”  That’s a line I remember from some novel. I can’t remember which, but that single line  I would say, operates perfectly. It evokes a powerful image that works every time. It also sets a mood, a feeling…which way that feeling goes is up to the next line. I try to use weather events, rain, snow, mist, fog, wind, effectively in my own writing. What I find, of course, is that it’s not so easy.  Describing rain for instance. Speaking for myself, other than writing, “it’s raining outside.” description of a thunderstorm can be, well, slippery.

So what about you all out there? Nature description important to you? What factors are important to get the image across?

As for me, I’m headed for the rattan chair to contemplate: rain. And take notes!

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