My Black Lab, Cody, Loves Literature!

Cody in clover

Say hello to Cody! Our black lab who, as you can see, is one happy puppy. Cody in clover! Cody loves lying about. He loves Frisbee chasing.

Cody happy

And he loves literature…let me explain.

I had pulled down Haruki Murakami’s novel IQ94. By the way, Q or ku, is Japanese for nine. Ku is also the pronunciation of a word that means agony or torture. I know all of this because I’m diligently studying Japanese!ย As you can see I’ve gotten to the number nine. hai.

Back to Murakami…and Cody. I had gotten a good ways into the novel-up to page 604 in fact-and decided to get up and get another cup of coffee. When I came back to my chair. OMG!

Cody's chew

Cody, undoubtedly having read a few lines, literally devoured the novel–that is to say a few pages. Here you see Cody chewing a chew, his fav snack. It could be he’s ruminating on the style of Murakami. I’m not sure.

What I do know is I had to go down to the local BAM and find a copy of Murakami and read pages 605 through 609.

So, my fellow bloggers, I thought you might enjoy this tale of a man and his dog. I’m afraid to leave him alone with my computer…gaaaa.

Do you have a pet? How does your animal friend take to literature and/or the writing process?

Be careful! They’re watching!

20120520_114 (2)








11 thoughts on “My Black Lab, Cody, Loves Literature!

  1. Deb

    Oh my that’s so funny. I absolutely love dogs, they are the best friends ever, even if they eat your books. Does his bark sound foreign at all? ๐Ÿ˜‰ He’s beautiful and quite a leaper…now Cody ่ฉฑใ—ใพใ™, come on tell us what you read!! Lol…

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    1. paulabroome427 Post author

      Well thank you! We’ve tried to get Cody to bark in Japanese, but alas to no avail. “Say ‘wang wang’ Cody!” But all he does is “arf arf.” Of course he may be reading some Japanese on the side…maybe a few haiku!
      And thank you for a great response. Sadako was VERY impressed with your Japanese! Whoa! We stared at your response, and I turned to Sadako who was reading, and I asked her what does that mean? “That” referring to the characters. I could do the hiragana–shimasu, but not the kana. Sadako then said “talk, talk.” I am talking, I replied. “No, Cody.” Huh? I’m kinda slow. But all finally was resolved. Cody at the time was sound asleep, not caring a whole bunch for our deep discussion. ๐Ÿ™‚ But thanks again, Deb. It’s now morning and Cody and I have just gotten back from our morning walk. I’m settling in on the back porch with my coffee and book and hey, maybe some writing too!
      Have a great day.

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      1. Deb

        In dog language that translates to “Speak Speak”…if truth be told Sadako can be impressed with Google ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I thought it would be a nice touch! So happy you and Cody enjoyed our morning walk…have a wonderful day!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Mary Job

    This is my favourite post…he’s just too beautiful. I nominated you for the grateful blogger award few minutes ago. Do check it out when you have the chance and accept either by commenting or reblogging or creating a wonderful new post. I know awards arent everyone’s thing, so please do what you are absolutely okay with. Gracia. Muaaah.

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