So what’s all this flap about Voice?

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I read an essay this morning. The essay is “Voice Lessons” by Olivia Markham, and it can be found in the Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market 2016, (38).

It’s a great essay and covers a whole lot of territory. Having perused the essay, I turned to my WordPress page and started lurking about reading blogs and comments. I enjoy the comments quite a lot…sometimes more than the blog…but that’s another story!

Given that I had just finished an essay on “voice,” I became aware of the amazing difference in “voice” between one’s blog and one’s comment or one’s response to a comment.

The blog, as mine does now, reflects a certain distance–a formality, a broad notion of audience–whereas when I comment to a distinctive audience, my voice becomes much more personal, one that reflects support and is often (let’s all hope) agreeable. Now with some bloggers, I have noticed just the opposite. Their blog is quite personal and exudes a sense of closeness while their comments tend to be more distant, more formal. It’s interesting, to say the least.

I sat back with my Starbucks coffee and mulled over the interrelatedness of elements of the craft of writing, i.e., voice, style, audience, POV, theme. In the successful narrative all of the above mesh together in a singular effort to create a desired effect. In short when it comes to a completed work, the sum is indeed greater than the parts.

So what’s my point? My point is: read all of the advice out there. It’s good and incredibly helpful. But at some point, you must set it all aside and simply get to work. Work! Which is what I’m about to do once I post this blog!

Happy New Year Dear Bloggers!

6 thoughts on “So what’s all this flap about Voice?

  1. Deb

    Wow, that’s very intriguing…it made me wonder into which category I fall..I hope that I am personable on both fronts! I’ll have to pay closer attention as I scroll thru the comments. I often don’t read the other comments until after I make mine as I don’t want to be influenced by others and then sometimes I don’t read the other comments at all. Hmmmm….

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    1. paulabroome427 Post author

      You know, a few hours after I posted that blog I realized that the message might cause some anxiety…that I’m evaluating everyone’s comments… whoops! I didn’t mean it to sound that way. Actually it’s more of a formal and conversational tone that makes the difference…sigh. But you’re great! So keep commenting! Oh, and I do the same. I try not to read the comments…until after I’ve typed mine in…and then every now and then to my horror…someone else has already said the very same thing I’ve said…gaaaaa. Well, that’s okay! So, thank you! and hope you have a great day!

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      1. Deb

        Lol!! That’s funny because I find the same thing, I might comment “That’s brilliant” and then after I post it I see the comment right above mine says “That’s brilliant” oh well…great minds right?! Wishing you a wonderful day too!! 🙂

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