Ah Weed, thy reach exceeds thy grasp, or what’s a meta-for?


There it sits, the noble weed. It One, tiny, weed-seed found its way to this small pot, and now it’s growing, well, like a weed! A university professor once told me, “Writers think in metaphors.” I never forgot that remark. And even now as I ponder this bit of nature, I can’t help but think of it in terms of something else. The word “invasive” comes to mind — a war metaphor. Invasive (bad) plants “take over” one’s yard or garden and ruthlessly “drive out or kill” the well-tended (good) plants.

This weed though was contained! At first I thought it was a flower, a wild flower, exotic, lovely, something to amaze. It grew and grew. Its weedy nature manifested itself in an appalling sprawl of stems and tiny blooms, hardly worth noticing. But I did notice.

On several occasions, I reached out to snatch it out of the pot, to expunge it from my well-tended porch flowers, but each time I withheld my hand. What? I couldn’t do it. It was growing. Finally, one morning, I pulled it aside. I studied it carefully and noted how each stem branched out, then formed a node, then zoomed out in another direction, expanding, like a circuit, a network. It possessed a neuronal look. Each node an idea, a thought…a memory.

A memory that creates an order out of chaos, its own narrative, a natural story. This plant is communicating its life to the world beyond its leafy existence. It patiently waits for the morning sun that is rising through the trees. A redbird balances on the black chain-link fence then disappears into the fir tree. I wave to my neighbor watering her yellow roses. A wasp buzzes over the grass. At the edge of woods in the shade, small, brown mushrooms push through the soil.

So, dear blogger writers, photographers, dancers, artists, good people, what’s the latest metaphor that has come to mind, and how so?

19 thoughts on “Ah Weed, thy reach exceeds thy grasp, or what’s a meta-for?

  1. Sha'Tara

    What’s a meta phor? I don’t know, I’ve never met-a-phor. But… your picture and story gets me on this tangent… “Imagine if you will a totally normal day on a totally normal planet. Nothing special going on, its just there, spinning in space. On the surface all is contentment. Peace reigns supreme. But out there from the darkness, the tiniest little binary seed long ago launched from a now dead galaxy streaks through the planet’s atmosphere and lands. Soon it breaks open in the warm, sultry air and a pair of humans begin their growth upon their new world… Little did the existing lifeforms know that his new species was extremely invasive, destructive and poisonous. From the surface of the blue planet it grew and expanded, reaching out… branching in every direction and consuming everything it came in contact with. Oh, if only there had been an astute gardener to keep watch on the garden and crush that seed before it took root here.”

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  2. Ink 'em Down

    Loved the post! So thought-provoking.
    And I really liked the words of the university professor, “writers think in metaphors”. Reminds me of Creative Writing classes at uni!
    And I can’t help but mentioning these two eye-catching sentences: “It possessed a neuronal look. Each node an idea, a thought…a memory.” Such an interesting connection!

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    1. paulabroome427 Post author

      Thank you so much. And I’m glad you enjoyed the post. The prof was a philosophy teacher. I took that course when I was a Sophomore in college…years ago. It’s amazing how things stay with us, like the pattern of the weed’s growth! 🙂 Oh, and the little fella is still growing!

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  3. robynelliot

    One person’s weed is another’s flower and all that. It’s true, though. Great and clever post, Paul. Only a writer could write a post like this!

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  4. Deb

    I love how your mind works!! That is the most beautiful weed I have ever seen and I love it even more now that you have so aptly described it in such detail! Paul you never cease to amaze me with your writings!! And of course now that I’m trying to think of the last metaphor that I used I can’t…but I shall return when I remember!! Ah memory… 😉

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    1. paulabroome427 Post author

      Thank you for the kind words and support. And yeah, the ol memory isn’t what it used to be, or perhaps it is, I just didn’t have to rely so heavily on it before! 🙂 I can’t remember! But we just keep stumbling and mumbling forward–and when we can–laugh!

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  5. Mary Job

    Disruptive innovation is what comes to my mind. Is it good or bad? There’s a saying here that goes like this: Ti ibi, ti ire ni a da ile aye. It’s a favourite line, those Yoruba words means, the world was created amidst evil and good, kind of like saying there’s good in evil, and evil in good. Just like your weed, though bad inspired this post, which in turn inspires us readers to think of a metaphor 😀. One thing I would say to disruptive however is simple, don’t disrupt lives and don’t kill lives, then we would be best buddies. Otherwise, I did have no choice but to pull out that disruptive force, whatever it is😬. Hope you doing great my friend. Cheers.😆👍



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